PORT EDWARDS – The Alexander House Center for Art and History will welcome a new exhibition to celebrate the holiday season, featuring Watercolor Paintings by Connie Henke, Wisconsin Rapids, with Sculpture and Jewelry by William Karberg, Port Edwards.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to create art and to share that love with my students,” said Henke. “My students are inspiring, highly motivated and energetic.  Teaching art and making art – it can’t get any better than that.”

Of her watercolors, Henke says,” The spontaneity of watercolor allows for short periods of work time.  This works well with my schedule as an art teacher, mother/wife and Art Director at the Alexander House.  Watching color and water play out on the paper is very inspiring; the magic is in letting go.  I love the variety of techniques and styles that can be used in watercolor.  I can have as much control or as little control as I allow.”

She said that her work is an expression of her current surroundings, “I often start my paintings from sketches and photographs.”

Connie enjoys participating in workshops and classes offered by well-known watercolor artists as she feels there is always something new to learn as she continues to grow in her art.

Henke has been a part of many art exhibitions throughout the state.  Her work is in many private collections and at the Marshfield Clinic Center, Wisconsin Rapids.

Exhibiting with Henke is William Karberg, a native of Port Edwards, who is exhibiting sculpture and jewelry.

A major part of the show will be Karberg’s jewelry. He feels that the art of jewelry making is in the design and fabrication and prides himself in the work he does as an artist.  The design comes first, with many drawings and revisions, and then, the creation from silver by forming and bending.

Karberg spends a great deal of time sketching, photographing, studying lines, movements and forms, and reworks many designs that result in more designs.  Much of his work is influenced by experiences and things he has seen on his extensive travels throughout the world.  Observation of natural objects such as leaves, roots, vines, rocks, flowing water, shadows, and insects inspire his jewelry designs, as well.

All of the jewelry is made out of sterling silver using a process called forging.  Forging is a forming process by which the silver rod or wire is hammered into new forms.  The silver has to be annealed after the desired form is achieved; the pieces must be refined, polished, and finished.

Karberg’s work in sculpture and jewelry is well appreciated throughout the area. He is probably best known for his large steel sculpture in front of Lincoln High School where he taught art for 31 years.

An opening reception will be held on Dec. 6, 5-8 p.m. The artists will be present. The exhibit will continue through Jan. 14.

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The Alexander House, a Center for Art and History, is located at 1131 Wisconsin River Dr., Port Edwards. For more information, call 715-887-3442, find them on Facebook @ Alexander House Center for Art and History, or visit alexanderhouseonline.org.

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